Ivan and Rebecca

Together, we are Wodwo!  We started experimenting with spoon carving around 5 years ago, very much learning through trial and error... A chance encounter led us to Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses in South London where the greenwood corner gave us the opportunity to escape our busy city lives as teachers and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors, amongst the trees and working with others who shared our interest in learning this new skill. Since then, our green woodworking journey has continued, and we have started crafting bigger items like stools and benches.  We are currently based in Portsmouth, UK.

What is Green Woodworking?

Green woodworking is the process of taking freshly cut wood, and using traditional techniques, turning it into something else! This might be spoons, bowls, stools, chairs, baby rattles, garden dibbers - the list goes on... We love taking wood that would otherwise be a waste product, and turning it into something beautiful. We generally source our wood from local tree surgeons, and can therefore tell you precisely where a product originated. We use saws, axes, knives, planes, a pole-lathe and a healthy dose of human-power to go from log to product. One of our favourite things about working this way is how sustainable it is. We avoid the use of power tools whenever possible, and are using materials which would otherwise go to waste. What's more, we are locking up carbon by filling the world with wooden objects that can be cared for and cherished for years to come!